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Looking for an affordable and effective options to for full or partial dentures? Here at our dental clinic we can help you achieve the naturally looking smile youv'e been missing. We can provide dentures for both upper and lower teeth at competitive prices.

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Dentures Implants

Effective an durable replacement to your missing teeth.

Full Dentures

For a complete set of teeth, full dentures are perfect choice.

Dentures Implants

Missing a tooth or several teeth, partial denture can help!


Tulsa's Affordable Dentures Services

Be confident with your smile, and invest in your teeth with these natural denture services. Let our professional dentist help you bring back your brilliant smiles. These procedures come at affordable and competitive prices.

Full Dentures

Full denture is designed to replace a missing full crow of teeth or a single row—it can be both upper or lower row.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable dentures made up to one or multiple teeth. It is made to replace a numbers of gaps between your mouth.

Dental Implants

It is a procedure help replace the tooth root with a metal pink-like gums. Perfect to restore the ability chew or boost appearance.

Denture Repairs

Chipped, broken, and misalignment are usually the dentures problem. Rebasing and few repair can help restore to it original shape and making them more stable.


Why Choose Denture Clinics Of Tulsa

Many people anticipate the need for dentures as they age. While there are many reasons why a person might lose teeth, dental procedures can be an effective way to replace them. Dentures and partial dentures are two popular options. Whether you are missing several teeth or all of them, it is important to understand which is the right choice for you. If you are not sure about the process, contact your dentist.

A denture is made of a hybrid composite of acrylic and resin, strong plastic that feels comfortable and does not damage natural teeth. They are easy to shape and does not discolor your teeth. Most dentists will try to save some natural teeth before recommending a full set of dentures. If other methods have failed, however, complete dentures are typically required. Contact Us today for an immediate appointment request.

These prosthetics are completely customized to match your mouth and restore the shape and look of your natural teeth. Depending on their design and materials, complete dentures can increase a person's mastication efficiency by 1/4 to a 1/5 of the ability to chew food.

Benefits Of Using Dentures

Having a perfect set of teeth is amazing especially if your teeth are clean and white. You can flash your smile widely as you can. And it also increased your self-confidence as an individual. Smiles exposing your teeth is a sign of happiness and contentment. More About Us and how we help our patients. In addition, smiling adds beauty to every face and lifts your mood.

Flashing your brighter smile is another good and healthy exercise not just for you but also for your mouth. Call our clinic today to schedule your teeth whitening and flash your wonderful smile, because we know you deserve to have whiter teeth.

First Time Using Dentures

The benefits of having dentures come with timeless boosting your self-confidence. However, there are some challenges you may face when getting dentures. Patients may experience the same level of discomfort. The first couple of days are usually uncomfortable, so be sure to practice speaking softly and eating soft foods to get used to new dentures. Eventually, you will be comfortable with them and look forward to smiling in public.

After receiving your new dentures, you may need to use denture adhesives to secure them in place. Adhesives are designed to help you eat and drink more comfortably, which helps make it easier to brush your teeth. You may even need to apply a bit of denture adhesive to the denture's ridge area to ensure that it stays in place. Make sure to contact your dentist if everything is not working accordingly.

Types Of Denture Services

Our clinic provides comprehensive number of denture options that will based depending on your needs and budget. Contact us to help you guide through our decision-making.


Full dentures are made to completely replace all your missing teeth. It can be both upper and lower row or just a single row. This option typically costs more than partials but is more natural-looking since it replaces the entire row. Contact our clinic to guide you through your decision.


It is an oral appliance that replaces several missing teeth. It is often removable. However, it is important to consult a dentist before getting one.


Essentially, an immediate denture is a temporary solution for missing teeth. These dentures are designed to fit over the mouth immediately after the tooth is extracted. The procedure allows the patient to chew better than they would without the teeth, and minimizes facial distortion.


An implant-supported denture is a better alternative to traditional removable dentures. It has prosthetic gum tissue that is anchored to dental implants, and become an integral part of the jawbone, which remains stable in the mouth.


An excellent option for patients who want high-quality acrylic and custom-made dentures to replace all or part of their teeth. Sometimes they refer to partial dentures, which offer strength and durability. They are made from flexible acrylic that blends seamlessly with the surrounding teeth


A snap-in denture is a removable set of teeth that is held in place by a series of dental implants. A snap-in denture is also known as implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are placed below the gum line and snap on to the newly-implanted teeth. They don't move while you eat or speak, so they can be easily removed for cleaning.

Missing A Teeth? Contact Denture Clinics Of Tulsa, OK

We can help you replace those missing gaps inside your mouth. We provide partial denture, full denture, dental implants, and even denture repairs for chipped tooth. Contact our clinic and book your appointment.

The Process Of Making A Denture

The process of making a denture involves carefully assembling and molding a set of gypsum teeth to fit your mouth. Using custom molds is an essential step in the process, as no two sets of dentures will look exactly alike. The denture is then removed from the mold and fine details are added by hand. These processes ensure that your new teeth fit properly and look natural. Here is more information about the process of making dentures.


The first process is the most essential part of dentures. A denture mold is assembled in your mouth to create artificial teeth. This mold is placed inside of the mouth to make an impression on your gums. A molder is typically made from plastic, flexible nylon polymer, or chrome-cobalt metal.

Setting up

Once the impression of your gums is made, the dentist adds the teeth to the wax model. This will be the first fitting appointment after setting up the teeth on your custom-made dentures. Your first visit includes fitting the denture to make sure the size fits perfectly into your mouth. A perfectly fit denture is essential to your facial health and appearance.


A dentist will place the plaster model inside an articulator to mimic the motions of your mouth and teeth. The final denture is then cast to fit your mouth. However, if you have any existing teeth, you may prefer a full denture. It is a procedure where the dentist inserts the denture in the patient's mouth to make sure there is no possible discomfort. After the process, you'll be able to enjoy your newly complete sets of teeth and flashes those smiles. Make sure to tell your dentist the oral discomfort you feel so they can fix them.

Cost Of Denture

The cost of dental bridges is considerably lower. Typical dental bridges cost between $700 and $1,500 per unit. This is a substantial difference, as bridges can cost up to $2,000 to dental implants can cost up to $5,000 per unit. Implants are also much more expensive, but they last up to 40 years. Dentures can range up to $1000 - $1300 per arch.

Depending on the quality of materials used can increase the cost of new dentures. As a bonus, dental bridges are much less invasive than dental implants. If you have dental insurance, your benefits may cover the cost of dentures. If not, you can also negotiate a cash discount. Some dentists offer low-interest financing, so you can afford them.

When comparing the cost make sure to consider the materials and the type of dentures, for the overall cost. Typically, partial dentures are significantly cheaper than full dentures. Full can be even more expensive because it replaces the entire arch of teeth. However, they're more natural to look at. Dental implants are also a great option, made with a single tooth or several. Additionally, they can be placed in the wrong location, making them less desirable in some cases.

Dentures Are Great For Your Facial Health

There are several reasons why dentures are better for your facial health. First, they help raise your face. This creates more 'freeway space' in the face. Additionally, they increase protein activity in the muscles and oxygenate the tissues. In addition, they help repair damage to capillaries and release growth factors that trigger the body's own healing process. As a result, they delay the onset of facial aging by several years.

Your face loses bone and can sag when you have missing teeth. Losing teeth can also cause your face to shrink, causing excess skin to hang. This can make you appear older and less attractive. Because of this, retaining your natural teeth can help reduce bone loss and restore your face's shape. Not only do dentures prevent sagging skin, but they also stimulate the jaw bone, which supports your skin and facial muscles.

Patient's Testimonial

“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great! I really appreciate there approach,recommend to everyone”

Angel Cunningham

I had serious denture issues. Tulsa Dentures got me an appointment right away and took care of the whole problem! Highly recommended to you all!

Carolyn Bush

Patient's Testimonial
“Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great! I really appreciate there approach,recommend to everyone”
Angel Cunningham
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Carolyn Bush
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